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My oldest Epi is from 2003 and my newest is from 2010. I have never had issues with my Epi bags or Epi slgs. I have always found them to be nearly indestructible. My old SA told me how one of his clients accidentally ran over her Epi in her car. The Epi line is one of my favorites! Louis Vuitton
Congrats on your sunnies. LV Wallet

LV But I cannot find one anywhere. :(


Congrats.. Your baby is beautiful LV Fake


Very cute! I actually have a flower I can use! LOL LV Top Handles


Congrats! LV Keepall

 Sea Diva Costume so cute. i love them. 

I actually have the bigger one and I paid $760.00 without tax. But let me tell you it is well worth it. The leather is so soft. LV Belt